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Choice􏰀 Pet􏰀 Food􏰀 Distributors,􏰀 Inc.􏰀 is􏰀 a􏰀 30􏰀 year􏰀 old􏰀 chain􏰀 of􏰀 ten􏰀 successful􏰀 retail􏰀 pet􏰀 supply􏰀 stores􏰀 that􏰀 operate􏰀 under􏰀 the􏰀 name􏰀 of􏰀 Choice􏰀 Pet􏰀 Supply.􏰀  The Company's􏰀 extremely􏰀 clean 4,000 square foot􏰀 stores􏰀 are􏰀 located􏰀 in􏰀 affluent,􏰀 high􏰀 traffic􏰀 areas􏰀 in􏰀 Fairfield􏰀 County,􏰀 Connecticut􏰀 and􏰀 Westchester􏰀 County,􏰀 New􏰀 York.􏰀 


RoundTable acted as exclusive placement agent for Centripetal Capital Partners, LLC in arranging financing for the acquisition of the Company.





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